4 - 7 December 2017
Radisson BLU Hotel, Hamburg Airport, Hamburg, Germany

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8th Annual Innovative Aircraft Seating Agenda 2017

Join IQPC's 8th International Conference Innovative Aircraft Seating 2017 from 4 - 7 December in Hamburg, Germany and get insights on:

  • Passenger emotions and the impact on the perception of comfort - Personalization and customization in future seat design
  • Innovative lightweight seat design concepts: Solving the conflict of reducing weight and the factors comfort, safety and cost
  • User-centered design approach in aircraft seating design for ergonomic advantages and healthy sitting
  • Designing seats for maintainability, upgrades and reliability Innovative testing and certification with reduced costs


Virtual Seat Prototyping

How to virtually pre-certify aircraft seats with composites in the structure


Come Sit With Me

How airlines are going all-in to impress business travelers

The Latest Innovations in Passenger Experience

The Latest Innovations in Aircraft Passenger Experience

Innovations in Aircraft Seat Maintenance

As aircraft seat counts reach new highs and passengers express dissatisfaction with overcrowding, cost-reduction has become a significant focus for the airline industry. Aircraft seats play an important role in this: not only can they have a drastic effect on weight, they also add operational costs by requiring regular maintenance to ensure a comfortable ride for passengers. This article covers the latest maintenance strategies employed for this sector.

Aircraft Seating: Stronger and lighter, but are passengers happy?

Extend your knowledge and gain a deeper insight into aircraft seating by reading this exclusive article.

Top 10 Innovations in Aircraft Seat Design

In addition to reducing costs, the main priorities for seat designers, airframe manufacturers, and airlines are improving comfort and lightweight materials.

The Aircraft Seating sector is currently a hotbed of innovation, so we've compiled a list of the most exciting developments in seat design and cabin configurations. Download the article and find out who the key players in the sector are, and what kind of cabin experience we can expect to see within a few years.

With these innovations making their way to mass production, we can expect a similar investment boom in seat materials and components - there are exciting opportunities coming up for textile, composite, plastics, foam, and electronic component manufacturers in the very near future.

Reports & Studies

The Great Divide

What people really want in seating and what changes they dread?

Seat Design: Qualification and tests challenges

a presentation by Jacques Debouchaud, Cabin Interior Research & Innovation Manager, STELIA AEROSPACE

Hawaiian Airlines: Elevating the customer experience in a leisure market

a presentation by Stephan Koenen, Product Manager - Cabin Interiors

A game-changer in economy seating

Will there ever be a game-changer in economy seating?

a presentation by
Anthony Harcup,
Associate Director, Acumen Design Associates Ltd., UK

Passenger Seating: Designing Maintainablitity and Reliability Upfront

by Joseph Eddy, Sr. Project Manager - Delta Airlines

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Interview with Aysegul Durak

Ayşegül Durak, Cabin Interior Chief Engineer at Turkish Airlines, gave an interview on the current challenges around aircraft seating market and new developments in cabin interiors. Find out more and download the interview for free here. 

Press Release

Press Release Aircraft Seating

Download the Press Release for Aircraft Seating for free here and learn more about the highlights in 2017.

Reports & Studies

Attendee Snapshot

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Attendee List 2016

Download the list of attendees from last year's Aircraft Seating to find out which companies were onsite and the attendee's job function and seniority