9th Conference Innovative Aircraft Seating

Research institutes estimate the global aircraft seating market to reach USD 14.82 billion by 2020 at a CAGR of 14.65% from 2015 to 2020. The major drivers for this unprecedented increase are growth in air travel, increased aircraft orders, and demand for lightweight seat designs. According to APEX Global Passenger Insights Survey, 7 in 10 fliers cite comfort and ambiance as their #1 priority. Lowest satisfaction among air travelers are seat width, leg room and distance to the neighbor.

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Advisory Board Member

Márcio Berthoud
Interiors Engineer, Executive Jets
Rossen Dimitrov
Chief Customer Experience Officer
Air Italy
Jacques Debouchaud
Jacques Debouchaud
Head of Cabin Interior R&T Digital Simulation
Stelia Aerospace
David Kondo
Head of Cabin Interior Development
Gary Montgomery
Thompson Aero Seating
Sajumon Maledathu Pankajakshan
Asst.Manager- Line Maintenance
Jet Airways Ltd.
Peter Cooke
Design Lead

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Key topics to be discussed:

How much comfort does the passenger want?Passenger emotions and the impact on the perception of comfort -Personalization and customization in future seat design

Innovative lightweight seat design concepts: Solving the conflict of reducing weight and the factors comfort, safetyand cost

User-centered design approach in aircraft seating design for ergonomic advantages and healthy sitting

Designing seats for maintainability, upgrades and reliability

Innovative testing and certification with reduced costs

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